randomness on raspberry pi

The Pi has a hardware random number generator. Source. Hat tip. This is running Centos 7. It presents as /dev/hwrng. yum install rng-tools systemctl enable rngd systemctl start rngd # rngd -l Entropy sources that are available but disabled 1: TPM RNG Device 4: NIST Network Entropy Beacon Oh. It’s running as a daemon on […]

ELK 6.5 stack on Raspberry Pi / Centos7

Summary The goal was to create a syslog server on a Raspberry Pi, so I can ship all my logs to a low power machine that’ll be on all the time. tl;dr – a bit optimistic. The limited memory would probably require Elasticsearch (ES) and Logstash (LS) on different machines. I think Logstash really wants […]

cleaning signatures off disks

Tripped over an issue recycling a disk using LVM WARNING: dos signature detected on /dev/disk/by-id/ata-TOSHIBA_MK6459GSX_X9QCF7BGS at offset 510. Wipe it? [y/n]: [n] Aborted wiping of dos. 1 existing signature left on the device. This came from (failed) volume group creation within a puppet run. hat-tip. There’s a tool called wipefs which fixes this.  I’d like […]

puppet agent, centos 7 and raspberry pi

There’s no armv7l packages of the puppet agent, so I need to run it from source. The docs for doing this date back to 3.8. Also helped by this post by Brandon Martin. I’ll be looking to run the following client version to match my PE install. # puppet –version 4.10.12 Pre-requisites Applicable requirements come […]

getting started with centos7 on raspberry pi 3 b+

My notes on getting these bootstrapped. Get image onto SD card Example is for centos 7.6, released 2018-10 (1810) centos docs img=CentOS-Userland-7-armv7hl-RaspberryPI-Minimal-1810-sda.raw unxz ${img}.xz sudo dd if=./${img} of=/dev/mmcblk1 status=progress bs=8192 ; sudo sync At time of writing, this was a Centos 7.6 image, and by default had a 1.4gb ext4 root partition with 421mb free, […]