heimdall on Centos7

You want to flash a Samsung Galaxy Android device. You’ll need heimdall. It’s not available as a package for Centos7, so you’ll need to compile it. Expanded instructions It uses cmake, which I’d not tripped over before, and the build process is a good deal messier than I expected. As in literally, it leaves stuff […]

A real corrupted file?

The file got corrupted is usually a shortcut for .. something changed it. I’ve never really seen files get corrupted without good reason .. like a hardware fault or unexpected powerdown. And the corruption wouldn’t have any sort of random consistency to it. This one is weird. MacBook Pro laptop running Centos7.  Wifi doesn’t ‘work’ […]

OEM support for Linux (firmware updates)

Ubuntu 18.04 and Centos 7.6 both run the fwupd service. This polls for updates on supported hardware. Support arrived in 16.04 and 7.4 respectively (from the docs.) hat tip Check the daemon’s status with the following; problems with any plugins are noted in the logs. systemctl status fwupd On ubuntu 18.04 updates are via the […]

wiping disks

One of the GNU core utilities is the shred command. On both Ubuntu and RHEL/Centos it comes in the coreutils package, and even on a minimal install, I suspect you can count on it being there. # fdisk -l /dev/sda | head -1 Disk /dev/sda: 6 GiB, 6448619520 bytes, 12594960 sectors # shred –iterations=0 –zero […]

fun with ruby in containers

This is related to the various posts tagged gitlab-runner. I got puppet linting, syntax checking etc. is working via the GitLab runner shell executor, and the next step was to move it into containers. There be dragons, and they didn’t google very well, so here goes. I’m using a Red Hat UBI Ruby 2.5 container […]

gitlab ci for puppet control-repo – a test suite

There’s lots of content already out there about puppet CI testing; this is what I initially came up with using GitLab CI, and with various other improvements such blogged about previously in posts tagged gitlab-runner such as: Separate rake files. A lot of examples I found had very long complicated rake files to define different […]