systemctl mask failure

You cannot mask services defined in /etc/systemd/system. It relies on creating a symlink there with the same name as the file which defines the service. hat tip stack exchange From the big book of unhelpful error messages # /bin/systemctl mask gitlab-runner.service Failed to execute operation: Invalid argument # systemctl status gitlab-runner.service ● gitlab-runner.service – GitLab […]

Mount dependencies with systemd

Introduction: services that depend on NFS If a linux server boots and a block device isn’t available, it’ll drop into some sort of single-user mode. This was the way with init, and is the way with systemd. NFS, not so much. In my experience, systemd will start services implicitly dependent on an NFS mount the […]

tftp part 3 – replacing xinetd with systemd

Part 1 – running tftp server non root (xinetd) Part 2 – the tftp client requires firewalld changes as well Part 3 – replacing xinetd with systemd (this blog post) Oooh, nice one systemd. During my investigation in Part 1, I tried to eliminate xinetd as the reason for the misbehaviour. I started up the […]

tftp part 2 – the tftp client requires a firewalld as well

Part 1 – running tftp server non root (xinetd) Part 2 – the tftp client requires firewalld changes as well (this blog post) Part 3 – replacing xinetd with systemd   firewalld change on TFTP clients The rest of this blog post will elaborate on what happens if you don’t do this. The quick bit […]

tftp part 1 – running it as non-root

I was trying to get the components of my PXE build server working; ie: http and tftp. xinetd and tftpd installed on Centos 7 (on a pi.) tftp client installed on Centos 7. Both with firewalld and selinux enforcing. I stumbled over a few things in the process, and have reposted that information in three […]

modifying systemd unit files

This is mainly for my reference, and will get updated from time to time. More systemd stuff via the systemd tag. Introduction On systems with init.d start scripts, if it was necessary to modify a boot script, updating the package would back out the change. Systemd provides a number of ways to change the behaviour […]

kvm: libvirt-guests and machined

Two main things covered off in this post: Getting libvirt-guests to work correctly, and machined/machinectl libvirt-guests This is configured via /etc/sysconfig/libvirt-guests and there’s a systemd service to enable: libvirt-guests.service Enabling it allows you to configure how guests start and stop with more flexibility. Some features libvirt-guests provides: On host shutdown, suspend the guests or shut […]